Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRBs) are used for both life saving and racing and are one of the quickest methods for getting out through surf.  They are an essential component of the service provided by the surf lifeguards and rescue more people than any other method of surf life saving. Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club has a dedicated team of qualified IRB drivers and can provide training for members who are interested in learning this skill. 

The starting point for training in the IRB is to complete the IRB Crewpersons Module which gives lifeguards the knowledge and skills required to respond as a crewperson in rescue situations utilising an IRB. This training opportunity is available to all current members over the age of 14 who hold a refreshed Surf Lifeguard Award. On reaching 16 years of age, members can complete the Advanced Lifeguard IRB Drivers qualification. This will enable members to not just drive the IRB in an operational capacity during patrol but also be able to command the IRB in extra curricular activities such as event guarding or eventually work in with other emergency services in specific emergency call outs. Click here for more information about these qualifications.

The Taylors IRB teams also compete regularly in local, regional and national IRB events. IRB racing is fast, technical and thrilling to watch, with boats hitting the waves as they race from the beach to the sea to carry out simulated rescues. The Club provides all coaching for the competitive element of IRB racing should members wish to pursue this pathway.

To find out more about IRB training and racing, please contact us.