2009 Elizabeth McDermott

Elizabeth “Biff” McDermott was born in 1947 and joined the Club in 1963 through family members (Holland family).  Biff obtained her Surf Bronze in 1965.

Biff’s family links are to her mother Margaret, brother Geoff, husband John McDermott, daughter Amy and granddaughters Lily and Isla as well as a sister in law and three nephews.  

Biff enjoyed both the sporting and administration activities of the club.  She competed in R & R events over a number of years and was one of the Taylors Mistake team that won a March Past.

Later Biff ran Junior Surf for eight years until 2005. With a great network of contacts, she was able to tap on many shoulders of past club national champions to assist with skills coaching for the juniors, including Malcolm McClurg, Dave Conder and Simon Davis.  Corey Hutchings also helped on a couple of occasions.

Biff was secretary from 1996-2008 and recognised by SLSC with a service award in 2004 and by SLSNZ with a service award in 2006.

Biff was elected a life member in 2009, the club’s first woman life member.