Surf Life Saving NZ


SLSNZ is the organisation that controls surf lifesaving in New Zealand.

The purpose of SLSNZ is to protect people from drowning and injury in New Zealand.

‘In it for life’, the SLSNZ motto, emphasises the long relationship many members have with the organisation, as well as the organisations’ continued commitment to preserving life by preventing drowning.

Surf Life Saving clubs patrol designated beaches. Patrolled areas are identified by yellow and red flags, between which beach users are advised to stay. Members dress in yellow and red clothing including a long-sleeved shirt, a hat and shorts.

SLSNZ represents 4 regions: Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern. Within this there are around 70 Surf Life Saving Clubs with ~13,000 members.

Surf Life Saving has a cascading membership structure. A member of a Club is automatically a member of that Region and of SLSNZ. In a broad sense, SLSNZ works directly with the four Regions and in turn, Regions work with Clubs. Taylor’s Mistake Surf Life Saving is part of the Southern Region. Each region has adopted the organisations purpose:

  • Regional lifesaving plan, ensuring beaches offering the greatest risk are patrolled or, where this not possible, working within their region to minimise the risk.
  • Delivering education programmes to those most at risk is another important role provided by the District
  • Delivering lifesaving, coach and official accreditation programmes to support the development of our memberships skills
  • Providing a sport training and competition programme for Clubs in its region.

A Governance Board of six is elected. The Board employs the Chief Executive (CEO) and the CEO delivers an annual management plan to support the Boards strategies that will see the organisation fulfill its purpose; Preventing drowning and injury in New Zealand.

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