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Current Members:

Tom Mouldey

I joined Taylor’s Mistake Surf Life Saving Club as a nipper, when I was five years old; it seemed inevitable as I was already spending my summers on the beach. I have continued to enjoy the club atmosphere and Taylor’s Mistake ever since.

I have always competed and favour the craft events. Board being my best discipline and the Ironman that I have progressed to in recent years. Last year I made the U19 Ironman Final at the Nationals in Gisborne; this would be one of my highest individual achievements. In 2008, along with Rory Jago and Nick Smith, we gained bronze in the U19 Taplin Relay at the Nationals in Whakatane, I did the board leg. Other highlights would be making the 2009 Canterbury U19 Surf League Team, however we all learnt that a lot more training was required to gain the title.

Outside of Surf, my winter sport is Hockey, playing for School. This season as well as playing for my school, I was lucky to have the opportunity to play my first season of Premier Hockey for the Canterbury University Club. Since 2001, I have played for Canterbury in various age groups. This year, being awarded the Men’s Player of the Year for the Canterbury U18 team. Hockey along with Surf has provided me with the opportunity to travel around New Zealand.

I have just finished school at Christ’s College and next year, I will study towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Property Management and Valuation. I have been awarded a Hockey Scholarship by Lincoln University to help me achieve this goal.