Life members

Life membership is awarded to those members of our club who have made an outstanding contribution to the club both in life guarding, competitions, administration and other aspects of the club.  The following are profiles of the current TMSLSC life members;

Malcolm McClurg

Malcolm Life Member

Brian Rattray

Brian obtained his surf bronze (award) in 1954 but his association with the Club has been lifelong in that he has been coming to Taylors from the time of his birth as his father, Monty, was an active member of the Club and his family were an important part of its operations at the time and Brian was part of the  “junior surf” section of the Club, then known as the “midgets’ or “nippers”.

Brian has over the years been the most reliable attendee of our AGM’s but unfortunately  this is one of the few years other commitments have prevented this.

Brian was a more than competent swimmer, R&R  member, ski and board rider.

In respect of the Board you may be interested that in that photo accompanying Bev’s write up in the Annual Report, Brian is the fellow holding the Long Board at the far right. In those years not only were there no Ladies events in ski and board, there were quite a number of similar Junior (Under 18) events excluded, and Brian had to compete against Seniors.

Brian completed with distinction over many years and has been placed many times both Locally and Nationally..

The pinnacle however was I think he would agree would as a member of the Taylor’s Junior Surf Race Team that was first and won the NZ Title in 1958.  That year Brian was also picked to Represent Canterbury.

He still competes when able in Masters events at Local and National Surf Life Saving Championships.

Brian’s Achievements:

a) At the Club, Junior Club Captain 1957-58.
b) Locally at Canterbury. As a junior 1st in Ski Rescue and Junior Surf Teams Race and many placings over all disciplines. As a senior 1st Black and White Surf Relay Team and and many placings over all disciplines over many years.
c) In the Taranaki while teaching there for a number of years, member of Taranaki Inter-Districts Team.
d) At Nationals. Apart from the 1st with the Junior Surf Race Team mentioned above a number of 2nd and 3rd in Junior 4 man R&R, Senior Ski and Senior Canoe.
e) At Masters Championships in different age groups above 60yrs, 1st in Surf Race (2), RunSwimRun, Iron Man and 2nd and 3rd in Ski, Beack Sprint and Taplin) ).

He also has done more than his fair share of patrols over the years, being part of those “old timer” patrollers who looked after the beach on carnival/competition days and during Nationals well into the 1990’s at a time when Lifeguards didn’t need to continually “requalify”.

A Physical Education teacher Brian has been responsible over many years for directing many students with the appropriate skills to club membership, an invaluable service for us.

He also coaches swimming and has for a good number of years, even up to this day,  organised pool training for those members willing to partake.

Brian is also a Foundation contributor to the TMSLSC Trust.

Brian’s dad Monty himself was awarded Life Membership in the 1960’s and his son Cameron  got his surf award in 1985 patrolled and competed for a number of years until his work took him out of town.  There’s a nice photo floating around somewhere of the three “generation” at the Clubs 75th anniversary diner in 1991.

Biff McDermott

Jim Turpin

Dave Bradley

Geoff Le Cren

Mike Regan

Paul Carpinter

Greg McClurg

David Hill

David joined Taylors Mistake 1978 and competed for Taylors Mistake in predominantly Rescue and Resuscitation events and was for many years a member of the Nelson Shield winning team as well 4-man R&R titles. Dave has been a long serving member having grown up in the bay while staying at the family bach on the Row. He has been on many club committees, club captain and President. He has also produced the club newsletter for nearly 10 years in the 1980s and has produced the clubs Annual Report (the” little green book”) every year since 1989. He has remained an active member in the club and is part of an Ocean swim team regularly entering the Ocean Swim series and traversing Taylors beyond the wave line. As an architect, Dave is assisting the club with designs for our new building. David received the SLSNZ Innovation award for his design of the Woodend Surf Club Patrol Tower, a design resembling a deck chair in patrol colours. Dave is a member who is” in it for life” and continues to actively support Taylors Mistake and Surf Life Saving.

Daryl Neate

Daryl grew up in Taylors with the family owning the bach “Shangri-la “at the end of the bay. He started as a nipper and got his surf award in 1962. Daryl was one of the clubs most successful competitors in both R and R and craft, winning the Nelson Shield 13 times, NZ Iron Man, Ski, Ski Rescue, Taplin Relay and Double Ski Titles. In all 35 gold, 22 Silver and 21 Bronze medals at National Championships.

Daryl also represented New Zealand in 1973 in South Africa and in 1974 against Australia. In 1985, he was inducted into the NZ Surf Life Saving Hall of Fame along with Geoff le Cren. Daryl competed for the club for 40 years as well as patrolling and coaching.

His long association with the club and support is now being acknowledged and it is with great pleasure we wish to nominate Daryl’s “Sausage” Neate as a Life Member.

Dougal Holmes

Dougal joined Taylors Mistake in 1977 along with close friend Hamish Buchanan and competed in R&R, board, canoe and ski. Later he became involved in IRB. Although successful in surf competition his largest contribution to surf was in patrolling. For many years he was a member of the Canterbury Association patrol committee and a number of years as the convenor. At club level, he carried out many additional hours patrolling each season and constantly working to improve patrol operations. He attended many workshops and became involved in National committees for IRB. Dougal also has a passion for photography and was a photographer at many NZ surf nationals. Dougal’s contribution to Taylors Mistake in patrolling and IRBs and NZ Surf through his District and Nation contributions as both paid and volunteer member of these organisations has been significant. Dougal’s continued involvement with the club helping with IRBs and our “Master of Ceremonies”.


Ken Jones

Ken Jones joined Taylors Mistake in 1974 and has been a long serving member of the club after returning from Auckland and North Piha in the 1990’s. During the early years Ken was an active competitor winning a national title in the double ski in 1976. He went on to become a key member of Taylors Mistake Nelson shield team and later joined North Piha to successfully take the Nelson Shield off Taylors Mistake. Prior to moving to Auckland, Ken was club member who contributed greatly to the social activities in the club, introducing many friends to join and creating a fun environment as well as assisting in the club song. His involvement in North Piha was equally social but also as a life guard patrolling and competing as well as being Club Captain in 1990. Eventually returning to Christchurch, Ken was quickly back to Taylors and took up a number of roles on the committee and building officer. As his children grew up he took a greater interest in the Junior surf activates and managed teams to the Ocean Athletes as well as teams to the National Championships. Over the past 7 years Ken has been the club chairman and is now presiding over the club during the process of rebuilding the club. Kens contribution to Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club has been significant but the most lasting contribution has been the ability to make it fun and create lifelong friends.

“We love that beach,  We love that sand, We’re the best surf club……”

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