Clubhouse Rebuild

Following the loss of the old clubrooms due to damage in the Christchurch earthquakes, the Club operated out of temporary portacoms on the beach from 2016 until early 2021.

Needing new facilities, a decision was made to rebuild on the existing site – a site occupied for the past 103 years and the site in the bay that best meets the operational needs of the Club.

A concept plan was prepared by David Hill (Life Member) of Wilson and Hill Architects.

An important design decision made early on was to split the building into two, with the gear shed tucked into the edge of the existing sand dunes behind the pavilion building. In doing this, the bulk of the building is reduced, allowing for a smaller, more attractive, single level building to occupy the site behind the existing concrete apron.

In 2018 following further development of the design, resource consents from both the Christchurch City Council and ECAN were obtained for the proposed new buildings.  The Club has a lease for the site from the Council.

Building contractor (Miles Construction) was appointed and work commenced initially on the gear sheds in January 2020.

The Club was proud to celebrate the opening of the new clubrooms in February 2021. The new facilities will provide fit-for-purpose facilities that meet the needs of the Lifeguarding Service and the needs of the wider community for years to come.