200m swim badge

Each year the club carries out a 200m Safety Badge assessment for our junior members. Children who are able to swim 200m under a target time of 7 minutes, followed immediately by continuously treading water for 1 minute will be awarded a cloth badge. This should be sewn onto their beanie so that it is visible to coaches at training and also to officials at carnivals.

The 200m badge assessment is carried out in a very supportive environment with the athletes, parents and coaches down at the Sumner Community Pool. Like all our Junior surf days, this is to be an enjoyable activity, so please let your child know that their best effort is all we are asking.

We require our Juniors to refresh their 200m badge every year so that we can update the SLSNZ database and children can track their improvement. Very young swimmers, who not feel ready to attempt the full 200m will have the option of completing a 50m or 100m timed swim. Competent swimmers who can comfortably manage to swim 200m under 5 minutes will be given the opportunity of carrying on and completing a 400m timed swim. Throughout their final years at Junior Surf, children aim to build up to swimming 400m within under 9 minutes. This is the target time for the Lifeguard Award.

This season, the 200m swim assessment will be on 9th December 2018. More details will be provided nearer the time. If you are unable to make this session, please ask your swimming coach (e.g. Aquagym, Mac’s) to do the 200m test directly with you and provide a copy of the time with the coach’s signature to Kathryn.

Why do I need my 200m badge?

  • SLSNZ requires all U11 to U14 athletes, wishing to compete in water events at carnivals, to have their 200m badge. Children in these age groups who have not gained their 200m badge will only be permitted to enter the land based events. (NB: U8 to U10 children do not require their 200m badge to enter carnivals as water events for these age groups are held within their depth.)
  • Children must have completed their 200m badge in order to use a fibreglass board at Taylors.
  • Children must have completed their 200m badge in order to take foam boards out of their depth when training at Taylors.

If parents are looking to develop their children’s swimming skills a good training session is with the Canterbury Amateur Swim Club, Christ College pool, Tuesday nights.