Achievement awards

Achievement awards

200m Swim Badge

All children 10 years old and must have their 200m badge.  This badge can be attained by swimming 200m in under 5 min followed by 1 min of treading water

Once the child has passed this test they will be issued with a small 200m badge which must be sewn on their cap or togs.  This badge is compulsory for children 10 years and over who wish to compete in Junior Surf carnivals.


In addition to the 200m swim badge there are a number of certificates that we work towards during the season at all age levels. Surf Lifesaving is not only about developing water competence; it also requires an understanding of rescue techniques.

In the course of their time in Junior Surf the children will achieve a graduated series of certification. These Awards go from Level 1 for seven year olds to Level 5 for eleven year olds.

  • Level 1 (7 yrs)
  • Level 2 (8 yrs)
  • Level 3 (9 yrs)
  • Level 4 (10 yrs)
  • Level 5 (11 yrs)

Cadet Award

Children over 12 years work towards their Surf Lifesaving Certificate (Cadet Award). Requirements are as follows;

  • Must be 12 years old or over.
  • Complete a 200 metre swim within 4.5 minutes.
  • Run-swim-run (100 metres run including the wade, 100 metre swim, 100 metre run) in under 5 minutes.
  • Tow a patient in a rescue tube a minimum distance of 30 metres. The rescuer must wear flippers.
  • Demonstrate the examination of a patient, the resuscitation of a patient, using mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose expired air respiration only, the placing of the patient into the recovery position.
  • Demonstrate the reef knot and bowline knot.
  • Answer the 19 theory questions as outlined in the Achievement Awards Question section of the Junior Surf Manual.


This award may be examined by any Lifeguard Award Examiner.

More details on the SLSNZ acheivement awards can be found in the SLSNZ Junior Surf Manual