How parents can help

We are very much a family club and encourage everyone to get involved. Many of our parents have enjoyed developing their own water confidence and have gone on to gain their Surf Lifeguard Award. There are lots of ways that you can get involved in the Junior Surf Programme so please do not hesitate to contact Carrie if you would like to offer your skills!

In order for children to participate in water activities, we require 1 adult for every 5 children. Adults must accompany junior members into the water and actively supervise. Whilst it is not necessary to be a trained lifeguard, it is important that you are a confident swimmer and are happy to be in the water. Bring your wetsuit to junior surf sessions and give it a go!

If water isn’t your thing, there are lots of other ways to help out on the beach or at the club, such as helping organise gear, BBQing the sausages, ensuring children sign in and out, and of course cheering and encouraging.

We are always looking for parents who are keen to help coach small groups of children (with lots of support from the Junior Surf Co-ordinators!). Please contact Carrie if you are interested in helping out. It’s great fun and the kids love it when mum or dad gets involved. Lifeguarding is all about volunteering and contributing to make Taylor’s Mistake the special club that it is.

On 24th November 2018, Surf Life Saving Canterbury is running an ‘Introduction to Coaching’ course designed to help parents gain the confidence and skills required to assist with helping the children. Please let Kathryn or Carrie know if you would like to be considered for this. 

Parent help for carnivals

All the boards and Club equipment that the athletes require for carnivals is loaded on to the gear trailer and transported to the event by the Junior Co-ordinators. We also have a large club tent to put up on the beach that is used for storing gear and as a place to rest and refuel between events. Your help to load and unload the trailer and set up / pack away the tent is much appreciated.

We may also enlist your help to ‘manage’ a small number of children in a particular age group – this involves ensuring the children are in the right place for their event at the right time, with the gear that they need, and making sure that they drink and eat enough during the day. This role is often a team effort among parents and is a great opportunity to get to know other families whilst watching your children participate!

At carnivals, each club is required to run an ‘arena’ where certain events take place. TMSLSC usually runs a water arena for the younger age groups. This requires at least 1 ‘official’ to oversee marshalling, a starter, a results taker and at least 2-3 people in the water as ‘buoys’. Please bring your wetsuit and be prepared to take a turn in the water if needed!

As you can appreciate, carnival days are busy but a lot of fun and there are only a small number of them each season. So once again, please step up and help out – the day runs more smoothly for everyone if we all pitch in together.