Competitor numbers 2014/2015

The updated competition numbers for 2014/2015 are now available. If you do not have a number one will be assigned on the day of competition provided you are a renewed member.


  • Numbers stay with a competitor for the entire season.
  • Numbers need to be written on competitors in a visible spot in vivid. If wearing a wetsuit – write on the back of hand. If in togs and vest – down the bicep and/or on the leg. Do this before applying sunblock as it is difficult to get it to stay on once sunblock is applied.
  • Please write the entire number on competitors.
  • Please note that anyone listed in red has been assigned a number, but cannot compete until they turn 7 years old.


The following lists are provided in PDF form so that you can print them out.  One is sorted alphabetically, and the other is sorted according to age group.

Junior Surf Numbers 2014/2015- age group

Junior Surf Numbers 2014/2015-alphabetically

Explanation of numbers.


  • First Number = Club


Waikuku = 1, Spencer Park = 2, Waimairi = 3, North Beach = 4, New Brighton = 5, South Brighton = 6, Sumner = 7, Taylors Mistake = 8


  • Second Number = Age Group

Under 14 = 4, Under 13 = 3, Under 12 = 2 Under 11 = 1, Under 10 = 0, Under 9 = 9, Under 8 = 8

This has been included this year to allow for extra competitors to be added during the season more easily and reduce the chance of duplicating numbers.


  • After dash number = competitor number per club.


William Jamieson = 81-8
Taylors 8, Age Group-U11, competitor 8