IMPORTANT – Medication

If your child has a medical condition that requires medication or immediate attention you must notify the coach and officials. Medication must be kept with the child at all times. The administration of medication is the responsibility of the child and their parent or caregiver.

Water Safety

For all water activities there must be a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 children – Adults must accompany junior members into the water and actively supervise. It is not necessary to be a trained lifeguard but it is important that you are a confident swimmer and are happy to be in the water. If there are insufficient parents for this ratio, the children are unable to do water based activities. We strongly recommend that parents bring their own wetsuits to Junior Surf sessions so they can keep warm whilst supporting the children in the water.  

If you have any concerns about your child’s confidence and/or ability please see Carrie before they participate. It is important that parents are available for the briefing at the beginning of each session so that we can effectively communicate the plan for the morning and ensure all the children remain safe and have fun.

At the beginning of every session all children will sign in on their age group clipboard. Children must be wearing their hi-viz vest and club beanie before signing in.

At the end of every session all children will remove their club beanie and give it to their caregiver and then sign out. They are now no longer the responsibility of the Junior Surf coaches. If children are staying in the water, we highly recommend that they continue to wear their hi-viz vest.

Please note that parents / caregivers must be present and aware of their children during training sessions or Carnivals.

At Taylors Mistake SLSC, we do not teach swimming, although we do work on competence in the sea and look to develop stamina.

Each year the club carries out a 200m Swim Badge assessment for our junior members. Children who are able to swim 200m under a target time of 7 minutes, followed immediately by continuously treading water for 1 minute will be awarded a cloth badge. This should be sewn onto their beanie so that it is visible to coaches at training and also to officials at carnivals.