Michael Regan

Mike is another life member who has strong family connections to the club.  Mike indicates that his first memory of Taylors was of a family holiday at his godfathers bach, no 62 (for information about Alan click this link Alan Robilliard).  Further trips to Taylors with his parents to Taylors occurred and Mike had considerable contact with another long-time member Laurie Hahn, also a bach holder.

In the late 1950’s Mike joined the club with friends Bob Beer and Mike Saunders and obtained his surf bronze in 1961. Like many others Mike was introduced to 6-man R&R at Latimer Square by Graham Pratley.  During these early years with the club Mike recalls making strong friendships with Dave Bradley, Jim Turpin, Peter Hatchwell, Bob Beer, Mike Sanders and numerous others.  The uniqueness of the ‘old bunkhouse’ was a great environment to forge friendships.  In his early years with the club, he was a gear steward with Colin Smith.

In the late 1960’s Mike spent time away from Christchurch.  When he returned in the early 1970’s he brought bach no. 50 with Bob Beer, rekindling his love for Taylors.  In 1980 he was approached by the incumbent treasurer (Ray Jones) to make himself available for the position of treasurer.  He was elected and served as treasurer from 1981 until 1990.  During his tenure much of the club’s income was derived for ‘Poker Machines’ at the Lyttelton Hotel and this required weekly trips to clear machines, balance the income for each machine and make returns to the department of Internal Affairs.

Mike served as President from 1991-1994.  Since 1994 Mike has been a keen supporter of his family who have been/are actively involved in the club.  Son Aaron has been a Canterbury champion and representative and his grandchildren have had considerable success (Ben has won South Island titles – 2019 and NZ titles – 2020 and granddaughter Kate has also won a NZ title – 2020).

Mike continues to enjoy visits to Taylor’s.  Spending time with his numerous friends is special and in addition he appreciates the special times he has with his family at the bay.