Our Sponsors

The Club is indebted to the CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE APPEAL TRUST (and all those who contributed funds to it) for its magnificent support for both temporary repairs to allow short term patrolling from the Club House and a pledge towards the future restoration.

We would also like to thank the Canterbury Community Trust who have just granted us funding that will go towards first aid equipment, maintenance of patrol and rescue gear, operational costs and training and recognition of volunteers.

Taylors Mistake relies heavily on Gaming Trusts for funding, most of which goes towards new gear, and National Championship attendance.

Those Gaming Trusts who have granted money to us in recent years include:

  • Pub Charity
  • Southern Trust
  • Youthtown Trust
  • Air Rescue Trust
  • Lion Foundation
And of course our other most invaluable sponsors include:
  • NZ Lotteries Grant Board
  • Christchurch City Council
  • DHL
  • BP
  • Placemakers Cranford Street
  • Beds R Us
  • Ross Richdale Plumbers
  • O’Sheas Public House