Senior Training Programme

For a more detailed calendar including daily training + events please see the Calendars page

Programme starts on Monday October 1st, 2018.
Please note that this programme is for lifeguards of an intermediate-advanced level, from 14 years upwards.

For board paddlers, it is expected that you will attend all board sessions and also the ironman sessions. Ski paddlers should attend the ski sessions and the ironman sessions. The running/general fitness sessions are open to everyone. At times these session will change at the coaches decision and due to weather conditions.  Contact either Tisha or Dave Smith (coach) if you ahem any queries.

Swimming/wading sessions will start once the weather and the water warms up as per calendars page.

IRB training sessions have begun and if you ahem  ay questions about this contact Anthony Nunnick.

As always – please wear your yellow hi-vis vests during training for safety purposes & bring your running shoes.

Happy training!!