Our senior (14 years upwards) surf sports programme strives to deliver fit lifeguards and high performing athletes. To participate in the senior surf sports programme at Taylors, athletes must be qualified lifeguards or working towards gaining their Lifeguard Award. Click here for more information on how to become a surf lifeguard.

Training for these intermediate-advanced level members is overseen by our head coach Dave Smith. We also have a number of experienced coaches available to provide specialist swim, ski and board training. Most of our senior training takes place at Taylors Mistake, although we sometimes head to Lyttelton Harbour or Moncks Bay for flat water training.

The Club provides 8-10 training sessions per week for these athletes during the summer season. These include board, ski and ironman sessions focussing on technique and fitness, as well as general beach fitness sessions and yoga. Our elite athletes are expected to train twice a day, swimming or running in the morning, and then participating in board, ski, or ironman training in the evening. The younger members are expected to train 6-8 times per week, depending on the particular discipline(s) they are training to compete in.  During winter, the club offers weekly swim training and ski sessions as weather conditions permit. Ultimately, training and competing are designed around keeping our lifeguards fit and enhancing their surf skills.

In order to promote the “One Club” philosophy, senior training sessions often take place at the same time as junior training (U11-U14) and we strongly encourage our senior club members to help with the coaching and mentoring of younger athletes. Any member who wishes to extend their coaching skills by attending one of the coaching courses offered through Surf Life Saving New Zealand will be strongly supported by the Club.

Please note that yellow or pink hi-vis vests must be worn for all water training sessions.

For the current training programme click here.

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